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Commercial Landlord & Tenant Services

The relationship between commercial landlords and tenants is a crucial one. The tenant, an individual, company or other corporate entity requires adequate, well-maintained space to conduct business. The landlord, a building or property owner, wants tenants who are responsible and follow their lease obligations.

Results-Oriented Representation for Landlords and Tenants.

LCB’s experience and success has helped us accurately to understand and address client concerns and provide representation and personalized legal care in all types of commercial disputes between landlords and tenants. 

Addressing Commercial Landlord-Tenant Concerns

  • Our attorneys represent both landlords and tenants in a commercial tenancies.
  • We advise and assist our clients in contract drafting and interpretation to clearly spell out the rights and remedies of the parties and make future disputes less likely.
  • We are experienced negotiators who provide insight and creativity to matters related to commercial lease disputes..
  • We are experienced with drafting and obtaining estoppel certificates comply with the lease terms and protect your interests.
  • We have successfully represented clients in cases involving nonpayment of rent, lnon-monetary lease breaches, CAM charges, property damage claims, build out provisions, failures to pay taxes,option to purchase agreements, lease extension provisions, assignment, and subleasing, and evictions.

Our experience representing both landlord and tenants allows us to anticipate and address the most common considerations and defenses utilized by the other side, and build a stronger case for you.

Involved in a commercial landlord-tenant dispute?

In residential leases, the rights of the tenants are defined by the law to protect the tenant. However, in commercial leases the law expects that commercial tenants are able to negotiate for and protect themselves better and these claims are more a matter of contract than statute. It is important to review your situation with an attorney before taking action. 

When you need legal help to exercise your rights related to a commercial landlord- tenant dispute, call Land Carroll & Blair at 703-836-1000 to discuss how our experience can assist you


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