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Cunningham | Quill Architects recognized for Safeway Lifestyle Store

Land, Carroll & Blair would like to congratulate their client, Cunningham | Quill Architects, for their award from the American Institute of Architects. They received Honorable Mention for Excellence in Architecture for Safeway Lifestyle Store. Only 19 out of 146 projects were recognized! Duncan Blair assisted with the land use and zoning portion of the […]

Can I Erase An Arrest From My Record? Expungements in Virginia

By F. Andrew Carroll, Esquire Sometimes prospective clients want to erase their past legal difficulties.  They’re concerned that their youthful foolishness isn’t as trivial as they convinced their parents back in the day.  Youthful legal indiscretions may have adverse implications for future background checks, jobs or promotions.  Will a security clearance be denied?  Will a […]

CAS Riegler Companies spins an award-winning design for reuse of historic Cotton Mill!

Land, Carroll and Blair would like to congratulate client, CAS Riegler, and their talented Design Team for winning the NHBA Award for adaptive reuse of The Mill. Duncan Blair steered them through the land use and zoning approval process to redevelop the building in to a multi-family dwelling, which was previously, among other historic uses, […]

Myron Mixon & Joe Corey Score with a Duncan Blair Assist!

The duo consisting of restauranteur and certified BBQ judge, Joe Corey, and the four-time World Barbecue Champion, Myron Mixon, has brought some award-winning BBQ to the Northern Virginia region with the grand opening of Myron Mixon’s Pit Master BBQ here in Old Town Alexandria.  Here is a photo of Duncan Blair with the champ himself. […]

“3 Is A Magic Number” For Virginia Landlords

By Brent J. Schultheis, Esquire The canon of Schoolhouse Rock, that pillar of musical education, offers many lessons that continue to enlighten and entertain. One of the gems from its songbook is critical if you own and lease residential property in Virginia: “3 Is A Magic Number.” Three is important because it’s when you, generally, […]

My Old Virginia Home: Not The Friendliest Place for Defendants

By Brent J. Schultheis, Esquire and Nancy D. Greene, Esquire. Virginia is an exceptional place to live and work. Being sued in state court is exceptional – but certainly not fortunate. In fact, the civil litigation rules can be harsh on defendants. Why is litigation hard on defendants in Virginia? Most cases don’t go to […]

Oh Crap, A Cop’s Pulling Me Over – Now What? Or What to do (and not do) during a traffic stop.

By Martin J. Yeager, Esquire The blue lights and headlights flash behind you.  Your palms sweat. Your heart races as you pull over. A look in the rear-view mirror reveals an officer speaking on his radio. You’re stopped by the police. What do you do? Calm Yourself. Now is the time for clear thinking (or thinking […]

Ban the Box – A Warning for Employers on Both Sides of the Potomac

By Brent J. Schultheis, Esq.   In this election season, it’s difficult to ignore the role that criminal justice and business regulation have played in the national discourse. What employers may not realize is the way in which these two, seemingly different issues are impact their business. We don’t hear about it from the TV pundits, […]

Settlement Struggles

By F. Andrew Carroll, Esquire A client gets served with a lawsuit by his old business partner and is understandably outraged. The client runs to his or her lawyer with orders, “I want to make that jerk rue the day he messed with me!”  Armed with orders the attorney returns fire.  An answer and counterclaim […]


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